There’s no time to lose.

                               We must join together and work collaboratively for the common good,

             sharing our wisdom as we transition to a world that works for everyone.

We call for local and global Farmers' Assemblies to  —


Declaration of Interdependence
of Regenerative Farmers & Resilient Communities

by Farmers & Eaters who love Mother Earth

Facilitate local, regional, national and global wisdom sharing, keeping agricultural knowledge and activities in the Commons.

Protect and grow a resilient food system by putting family farms, local food production and local food sovereignty first.

Save and steward our life-giving seeds free from corporate control.

Grow clean and healthy food for our children free of pesticides and GMOs.

Pay farmers a living wage to protect and grow healthy, vibrant soils through regenerative farming practices.

Dismantle industrial agriculture, a system that enslaves farmers, farmworkers, and eaters around the world.